Kiran Seshagiri

“I joined CrossFit roughly 6 months ago. I used to be very nervous about the workouts and not being able to perform like everyone else – now, I thoroughly enjoy it! I have definitely gained more confidence over these past few months! I owe most of my success to Johnny Joplin as he has been instrumental in pushing me, but also teaching me the proper technique
and insisting that the weight will come with time. I am glad that CrossFit has changed my body and my life for the better!

Sean Hammons

Others before yourself
Seriously addictive
Sick results
I- not in our vocabulary
Totally bad a$$
3 Xs a week
1 common goal
8 pack abs!!!

David Swanson It’s the Best because we have ‘Aw Bout A Hundred’ of the best people in the world to suffer with and get fit with

Daniel Deezy Austin I LOVE CROSSFIT 318 BECAUSE IT MOTIVATES ME TO DO BETTER. AND I HAVE SUPPORT FROM EVERYONE AROUND ME IN THAT BUILDING. And they believe I can achieve better things as long as I push myself and don’t give up! Crossfit keeps me going and I get great results from it! BOOM.

Elizabeth Hays Porter CrossFit 318—Everyone there wants you to be a better you…and they’re willing to go through the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get you there!

Sherill Haimbach Mayeux Because y’all believe I can do something before I believe I can do it! And you’re family 🙂

JAY ADCOCKAka. “Jay Bird”

5’10”, 255 lbs, age 31. This is what I had let myself get to just 2 short years ago! At the end of my rope when it came to fitness, I was introduced to Crossfit. I had always been an athlete inside, so the traditional gym didn’t get my competitive juices flowing, thus…I didn’t go! When my wife and I started Crossfit, we heard things like, “constantly varied, functional movements and high intensity”, and while we were not exactly sure what this meant, we soon found out!

The nature of my career requires me to be ready to perform under any circumstances and be physically fit so that I can hike, run, bike or paddle to safely get the teams I lead in and out of the countries in which we travel. This was, and still is the motivation for which I train! While it is not easy to hike for hours in the mountains of Central Asia, bike in the rice patties of South East Asia, or trek for many miles in the bush of the African plains, Crossfit has totally prepared me to be ready for any activity that I might encounter, no matter of the difficulty!

The physical changes that occur when you put in the work are evident and I am pleased with being able to fit into smaller clothes, but what you don’t see, or often hear is the benefits of the mental strength you gain by training in a Crossfit gym. Crossfit pushes you beyond what you believe your body can handle and for me, this translates well to life. When things get tough during a workout, the clock is ticking, the person next to you is suffering through the same thing you are, and then the competitor within (which we all have, somewhere.) says, “pick it up, push through the pain!” The 5 sets of 10 reps never did that for me in the traditional Globo-gym.

Two years later, I look back and laugh at that first workout when I couldn’t even do one pull-up or run a 400 meters without stopping to walk. I’m down 55 lbs. and while I am proud of the accomplishments that I have achieved and the milestones that I have reached, I am forever thankful for the introduction to Crossfit. It has been a lifestyle change for my family and I! I am thankful to Josh and Brook Kolarcik (former Crossfit coaches) as well as Christy Harper for pushing me to be my best and teaching me to push myself both physically and mentally.

If you are reading this and are at the point where I was just two years ago, overweight, no energy and winded just playing ball with your kids in the front yard, give Crossfit a chance! Don’t look at what you CAN’T do and get plugged into a class where we all will encourage you on what you can do! The clock is ticking….3,2,1, GO!

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