Push press

4 Sets of 6 Across

Across means, use the same loading for all four sets. Work up to a conservative weight today because we will be repeating this progression over the next weeks. We will want to add 5-10 lbs for next Wednesday so Work to a heavy manageable, conservative load today. And make sure you post!! So you will know what to add next Wednesday! 😠

“Optimus Prime”

AMRAP in 7:00
Wallballs (20/14) – Females to a 9′ Target
*On the Minute, starting on the 0:00, complete 7 Deadlifts (225/155) 

*At the 0:00, the athlete completes 7 deadlifts. Any time remaining in that minute, get as many wall balls as possible. At the top of the next minute, the athlete must stop and complete 7 more deadlifts before returning back to the ball. This process continues until the 7:00 cap. Score is total wallballs.
*In selecting a deadlift weight, choose loading that you are quite sure you can cycle through 21 unbroken reps, if we had to. If you’re breaking these sets of 7 up, the load is too heavy.

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