For time:
75/50 Calorie Air dyne

125 Double-Unders

2,000 Meter Row

125 Double-Unders

75/50 Calorie Air dyne
*new bikes 150/100

*see coach for appropriate double under scale. 
The goal on the bike and the row is to find that threshold pace you can hold throughout. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Focus on your breathing and turn your mind off.
With the double unders, the focus is being able to do large sets, not necessarily be able to do 125 unbroken. Although, if you’re capable with out gassing, do it. If your proficient, one way to split them up may be 50-50-25. Another, using smaller sets would be 40-30-30-25.
Stretch and mobility cash out

-Straddle stretch 2:00

-couch stretch 2:00 ea

-pigeon 2:00 ea

-child’s pose 2:00

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