Skill work

10 min of Handstand skill work. 

#1 Hand stand holds
– (against the wall) or free standing. If you can hold for longer than 40 seconds with this, progress to skill 

#2 box shoulder taps
-this is like wall shoulder taps, but on a box. The goal here is to develop the coordination to shift from hand to hand like walking on your hands. Once this feels good move to 
#3 Handstand Weight Shifting. 
Here the goal is to apply what you learned on the box to the wall. The following step after this drill is to bring more and more weight onto a single hand, enough so that you can start to lift a hand off the ground for a split second.
Should go through the above as a quick warm up and then begin Hand stand walking for 10 min. Set cones 10′ apart and try to walk unbroken sets resting as needed btwn efforts.

3 Rounds with a running clock (18:00 total)

Minutes 0-2 – 15 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95)

Minutes 2-4 – 25 TTB

Minutes 4-6 – 100 Double-Unders

***This will be kind of different, guys. Yes, the goal is to get all of the reps. However, if you get to the 90 sec mark of each set and you still haven’t completed the reps, go ahead and cap yourself at that, and aim to match that count for rounds 2 and 3.
-There’s actually no score here 😱 but I’d like you to keep record of your reps for each set of movements.

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