A few announcements! 

Okay guys! Got a few announcements, so listen up! 

I’m supper excited to announce that starting the week of Dec. 12, we’ll be adding a 6 am on Tuesdays and also a 5 AND 6 am on Thursday! I know a lot of you will be excited about this and we are too! With the addition of theses classes, comes the valuable addition of another coach! Bo Smith, who I’ve known personally for a long time, will be coming on board and joining the 318 family. I’d personally like to welcome him to the gym. He’s a a life long athlete, a certified level 1 CrossFit coach, a former affiliate box owner in Alexandria, La., recently qualified for this years masters division of The Fittest Games and just an all around cool guy. I trust that you guys will be in great hands and am super glad to have him with us at the box. Thanks, Bo. 

Next, don’t forget to register for the weightlifting seminar on Dec. 16! There are a few spots left. 


Next, next, is the Christmas party! Everyone should have the invite, so make sure you let us know your coming! Can’t wait to hang out with everyone away from the gym!

Next, next, next, don’t forget to download the SugarWOD app!! And add yourself To the gym!!
Last but not least, we’ll be announcing a few Christmas and New Years membership specials over the next few days. So, be looking out and don’t forget WE DO give referral discounts! We always have and always will! If you bring or refer a new member to the gym, you’ll get 10% off of you next months dues. We love to keep adding to the 318 fam! 

I think that’s all for now! Love you guys and thanks for all you do!

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