Just wanted to tell everyone what’s happening Saturday June 18th.  Instead of meeting at the gym at 9, we’ll be having class out at Forsythe Park. Would love to have as many people out as possible to help support this year’s participants of our local Biggest Looser competition and of course to support the gym. We’ll be leading a group of nearly 200 contestants, in a warmup and a wod. It should be a great time and of course we’ll need a photo!! That’s Not this Saturday but the next!! June 18th.  Click the link for more deats. http://biggestlosernela.com/3/events.htm


Before beginning, run 800 m. Start Snatch waves after resting for exactly 2:00 after you come in from the run. Start at an even number on the clock and you’ll be on your own watch. Work up to your starting snatch weight before run.

0:00 1 Snatch @ 70%
1:00 2 Snatches @ 70%
2:00 3 Snatches @ 70%

Rest until 4:00 and load bar…
4:00 1 Snatch @ 80%
5:00 2 Snatches @ 80%
6:00 3 Snatches @ 80%
Rest until 8:00 and load bar…
8:00 1 Snatch @ 90%
9:00 2 Snatches @ 90%
10:00 3 Snatches @ 90%
Note total number of makes/misses.

3 rounds for time of:

3 strict pull ups 

6 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95#
9 Kipping pull-ups

12 Front Squats 1355/95#
*use band for strict pull-ups if necessary.  If you have to split jerk to do prescribed weight, so be it. It’s shoulder to overhead. Do what you need to do to do the weight as heavy as you can. 


3 rounds for time of:

3 Strict Muscle-Ups
6 Shoulder to Overhead 225/155#
9 Muscle-Ups (yes, Kipping)
12 Front Squats 225/155#


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