Inviting anyone who can or will, to come out and race for this awesome ministry, Project 41. This is a not for profit ministry dedicated to the rescue and transformation of women in the sex industry, victims of sex trafficking and their children. Come race at 8  be done by 8:30 and catch the class at 9!! The route is right next to the gym!! I couldn’t have planned it better myself! I hope you all will join us in racing for this great cause. 

Yes, class is still on at 9 whether you race or not 🙂 

Click in th link below to register or pay at the race and wear your 318 shirt!! 


5 X 1 clean from just above the knee. Work to a max for the day. 


4 rounds of:

16  (alternating) Pistols 
10 UB Power Cleans 115/75#
Rest 1:00 between rounds (including between and before the cash out.)
Cash out 3 min of ME ring dips

Rest 1:00

Cash out 3 min ME HSPU


 4 rounds of:

20 (alternating) Pistols 
10 UB Power Cleans 145/100#
Rest 1:00 between rounds
*do pistols weighted if possible. 20/10#

-rest as needed before starting-

 Alternating EMOM for 10:00 of:
5/3  MU
10  HSPU
*strict if possible on both MU & HSPU



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