Strong, Skinny, or Both? Neither.

“Muscle is only the latest “must-have” for American women.”

An excerpt from the article “What do Fit women Want? Strong or skinny?”

Even though the trend has changed from “Skinny” to “Strong”, which seems to be a “healthier” one, our thinking is still skewed towards a negative self body-image. What drives us to take action isn’t becoming our fittest self, rather it’s how fast can we jump onto the newest fad wagon. Sad. We are deceiving ourselves ladies. We don’t really care about becoming tough and strong inside and out. We say we do because that’s what the shiny, muscular, tan but not too tan, fitness model said in the article we just read.

True fitness/working out/wod-ding and wellness has nothing to do with looks at all, rather it’s got everything to do with confronting mental and physical weakness which contributes to poor lifestyle habits and thinking patterns that negatively affect our relationships and choices.

By taking our workouts and eating habits seriously we can inadvertently, by default change our environment away from the gym. It will translate, transfer and bleed over to other areas of our lives. And when we’re not even paying attention, we’ll look up and notice or someone will comment that our body is starting to resemble something close to a marble statue. We’ll likely obsess about it for a little while but we’ll have grown so much over the past year or so we’ll realize when it’s time to re-assess and get back to what’s important.

Enjoy the read…

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