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CrossFit 318, as the name suggests, is a CrossFit facility. We believe in the methodology of CrossFit, that it truly produces the worlds fittest athletes and that it likewise gives you the greatest opportunity to live the highest quality of life.

Regardless of your fitness goals, whether you’re trying to be the best athlete you possibly can or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle CrossFit will help you achieve your goals.

CrossFit 318 is veteran owned and operated. Therefore we value our nations Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, Firemen, EMT’s and Teachers. If you are in one of these professions please ask about our discount for you.

We value each individual and their desire to pursue fitness and health. CrossFit is infinitely scalable. This means that regardless of your current level of fitness we can tailor workouts that will meet you where you are while at the same time help you get to the next level.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.

Constantly Varied – our workouts are ever changing, they’re different everyday. This ensures three things, 1. You’ll never plateau. 2. You’ll be physically well prepared to handle whatever life may bring your way. 3. You’ll never get bored with CrossFit.

Functional Movement – the human body was designed to move a certain way, whether we are moving our body weight or external weight we generate the most power from our core and out through our extremities. Therefore most of the movements we perform incorporate hip flexion and extension.

High Intensity – this is why CrossFit gets results. Intensity is a relative term, your level of intensity may be different than someone else’s intensity. So long as you put forth your best effort, consistently, your fitness will improve.

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